Know Justice Know Peace


Regina Fletcher is pushing 30. A photographer at The Observer, she struggles to align her vision and her passion--but she had no idea her passion would find her. When her brother Roland is killed by CMPD, the lens of her everyday world shatters into unmendable pieces. While her community bombards her with questions of justice for her brother, Regina wonders what justice is. Most Black families in her situation were failed by the justice system, and she feels her brother’s story won’t be any different. After years of watching Black names pop up as hashtags, she doesn’t know if justice is tangible for her or her brother. But when the media casts a shadow over Roland's life, and the CMPD launches an active coverup, the shattered lens comes into sharp focus. Knowing she can’t do it alone, she teams up with her brother’s best friends and her entire community to bring the city of Charlotte to a halt. She fights not only for justice for her brother but so every citizen will recognize the part they play in a broken system. Regina will do whatever it takes to implement the change she wants to see. Even if it’s a national standoff with CMPD..



We'd like to thank the Arts & Science Council for awarding Breana with the 2021 Artist Support Grant that allowed us to produce a micro-short version of this film.

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Queens City Film Project was featured in The Charlotte Post and they are currently fundraising for the feature-length version of Know Justice Know Peace. To learn more and to make a contribution please visit the Seed & Spark Campaign.