Unpublished Full-Length Plays

No Man Left: The Jungle & The Quad (5 Male) - America has been forced into World War II, but a group of black soldiers has been sent to build communication poles in Panama instead of joining the fight against Japan and Germany. They've done the unthinkable and left a wounded man behind to fend for himself. Now they have to decide to leave him where he is to die or tell the truth to save him. How can they move on?

Unarmed & Dangerous (2 Female, 4 Male, 5 Either)- It's 2013 and another young unarmed Black man has been fatally shot by a White cop. The surrounding community has been shaken by this tragedy they can't escape. It's in their neighborhood, at their job, on the TV screen and controlling their lives. With rising tensions and emotions running wild, it's a race against time before their lives collide.  

Big White Lies (3 Female, 5 Male)- Toby just accomplished a huge goal. He graduated from college at the worst time, during the great recession. He has to make a decision to either, do the one thing he promised he would never do again or tell a few lies to keep himself covered. 

Go Deep (1 Female, 4 Male) - The streets are dangerous, the city is corrupt, living in Buffalo, New York seems like suicide too many. When the Wilson School Board decides to drop Junior Varsity football they not only took away an activity away from the students they took their security away from them as well. With anger and behavioral issues, young Joey has to find a new hobby to keep himself occupied since he no longer has football. With his brother raising him and streets calling him, he has to decide which voice he wants to follow.

Freedom at Peach Tree (2 Female, 3 Male) - It's a play about a young woman name Cherese. Cherese wants freedom but she doesn't believe she deserves it or does not know how to obtain it. It all takes place outside of her home. Along the way, the young woman learns self-worth. You know it's all over when she sticks to her final decision.

Unpublished One-Act Plays

The Abundance of the Heart (2 Female, 3Male) - Brenda arrives at the ER with raising health concerns. Her two children sit bedside with her as they all open old and unsettled wounds. As the nurse and doctor evaluate her, we find that her health is not the only thing that's been left untreated and how black women are treated by the American Healthcare system.

Secrets At Ashley Mano(2 Female, 4 Male)- It's August of 1939. The Depression is on the path of lifting, and school will once again be starting and young Noah Ashley, the son of a wealthy judge, believes the woman he loves is worth any and every risk. Even though he lives in Beulah, Mississippi and the love of his life is black.

Post Destruction (1 Female, 2 Male) - In what used to be known as the United States of America, is now the home of a few during the Post Destruction era. With no government, only the Justice have a say to what can and can't be done in the remains of the country. Julet feels that she should have a choice to do what she please. Romaeo is trained to think by oath. They have to decide what is right and what is worthy to be destroyed.

10 Minute Plays

Sell Out (2 Male)- Life long friends, Rusty and Sly, just found themselves on the same Army base. When they meet for the first time in years, Rusty sees Sly's true colors. He questions Sly's friendship and loyalty. On the brink of war and serving in Jim Crow's Army, Sly has to decide if he can be true to himself or true to his country.