Feature Films


Know Justice, Know Peace - Passionate photographer Regina finds herself at a crossroads in her career when her brother, Roland was killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer. After getting warnings from the city to stop her pursuit of justice, she rallies the black community in Charlotte, NC to show the nation that we are more powerful and we will disrupt systems to give us all a true chance at freedom.

Nirvana - Ché, a young teacher from Georgia and flees from her unhappy life and expectations to Nashville, TN. She meets Rob, an accountant from Manhattan, at a random and finds she's not the only one trying to escape life's expectations. They take a chance at finding their authentic selves by agreeing to spend the weekend together in an Airbnb and explore in ways they've never been allowed to before.


Riley From Raleigh (Pilot -"1 Year New Yorkeraversary") - A young writer, Riley, celebrates surviving her first year after moving to New York City and learning to manage her Anxieties, amusing characters that represent the way her brain works. As she gets closer to her career goals she begins to learn she's losing control of her life and relationships.

STATE (Pilot -"Welcome To State") - There's no college experience like the experience at an HBCU. Six creative students come together to form their own student performance company after they find their professors try to tame their art of expression with traditions. They rebel against the wishes of the arts department to find their own medium and release.

Into The Darkness (Pilot - "Jambo") - Fraternal twins, Jamila and Bakari, just received gifts from their grandmother, Bibi, who recently passed away. Unbeknownst to the twins, these gifts are only used to unlock the gifts inside them as well as a magical world created by their grandmother and the only place where her spirit, creativity, and Anansi lives on. After unlocking this magical world could they find their journey isn't as easy as it seems.

S.G.A. (Pilot- "Yay") - Up and coming senior, Ariana Daniels, just won student body president but as she does whatever to rally her board of misfits, they quickly find that being the leaders of the school will come with proving they can handle traps, pranks, and trouble from the current senior class. Will it be too much for them or can they all stick together and do what's best for South Charlotte High School.

Insecure "Glow Up Like"  (Spec) - After finally getting settled in her new apartment, Issa finally decides she is going to focus on her glow up by remaining drama-free and man-free. After spending months avoiding her musician cousin, Raegan, she drags Molly and Kelli to a new pop up event to see Raegan perform and she quickly finds she there's no such thing as drama-free or man free.


Breadcrumbs  - After a heartbreak, a young writer is desperate to put her life back together. When she realizes she's been picking up the wrong pieces, She finds herself in an emotional whirlwind.