Unarmed & Dangerous



Elliott Parks has been getting into trouble in school, though no one seems to recognize that his behavior is a cry for help. Tensions rise in his family and community after an unarmed black man was killed by a white cop, a few houses down. With this tragedy so close to home and the impact it has caused in their lives, how much longer can the cries for help be ignored?


Breana wrote this play to honor the memory of unarmed, Jonathan Ferrell, who was killed by a white CMPD officer in a neighborhood a mile away from where she grew up in Charlotte, NC. 


Theatre Charlotte is launching our This is Charlotte series with this dramatic imaginative reading from local playwright, Breana C. Venablé. Click the button to the left to watch Breana on WBTC QC Life @3 and learn why she wrote Unarmed & Dangerous. Click the button to the right to read an article on Breana and highlighting social justice in her work.